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Photos from the Lakeview Terrace gathering have been posted.

Photos of Castlerock Run have been posted.

Photos of September Street Scene are Posted

October HCCC  Newsletter and  the LBRP Insider Newsletter have been posted

Mid-Fifties (53-56 Ford pickup truck parts store) is celebrating their new showroom at their store in Golden Valley on Friday, October 24th, 2014.    5221 Highway 68,    1-800-252-1956

If you are interested in forming a caravan, call Bill Bess 680-8042

Have you seen this car?

This 1948 Packard Custom Victoria Convertible was stolen from Wayne Metz of California.

If you ever see this car, call police officer Barbara Morgan at 209-451-8101 or advise local police

of the situation.


Club Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month at Knights of Columbus, 186 London ridge Drive. Our      meetings start promptly at 6:00pm.  Visitors and guests are always welcome.

Every Thursday you will find a number of us at the Wienerschnitzel at 4pm to show off our fabulous vehicles,

do a little bench racing and have some great eats.  Please come join us when you can.

Every Friday you will find a number of us at the Del Taco at 4pm to take advantage of the special prices offered

to all the car clubs members                                                                  

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